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The Turkey Alibi
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Feature-length Romantic Comedy; Runtime: 97 min.

Just when Holly’s life seems to be going perfectly, Harry, her boss and secret lover, dumps and fires her on the same day. Emotionally crushed, she makes the dramatic decision to kill herself… until a vulgar intruder interrupts her plans midway – ironically forcing her to postpone her suicidal endeavors. But when Keith, the intruder, momentarily lets his guard down, Holly is quick to turn the tables on her would-be attacker.

Now bound and helpless, Keith, who is not really a skilled intruder but actually Holly’s concerned downstairs neighbor, must convince an aggravated and vengeful Holly that he never meant to harm her, but to save her life! In the midst of this hilarious and touching chaotic episode, Holly and Keith teach each other that life is not always as hopeless as it can seem.

Directed & Produced by: Ruthie Aslan - Cinematography & Written by: David Aslan - Music & Sound by: Rich Devletian - Starring: Briana Packen, Nathan Freeman, Zach Gossett, Richard Giambalvo, Barbara Daniels, Roy Weiss, Nicolas Torrens, Trishee Manzo, Christian Larson

Official Selection: 2006 Hopkins Film Festival, 2007 DeReel International Film Festival, 2007 ReelHeART International Film Festival, NewFilmmakers Summer 2007 NY Series, 2007 Independent Features Film Festival (Winner: Best Comedy)

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