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Open Ticket
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Consumed by loneliness and grief, Benny has confined himself to a routine that keeps him more dead than alive. He is troubled by dreams of running aimlessly through an ancient city, where he is never fast enough to catch up to his beloved. One day his daughter offers him a chance to make a change - she gives him an open ticket to attend a family wedding in Israel. Benny embarks upon the journey, but his dreams continue to haunt him as happiness lingers far beyond his reach.

Directed, Written & Produced by: Ruthie Aslan - Cinematography by: David Aslan - Music by: Rich Devletian - Starring: Sy Aslan, Etti Aslan, Ruthie Aslan, Shuli Aslan, Tammy Ambrose

Official Selection: 2008 Foursite Film Festival (Winner: Best Short)

copyright 2009, Aslander Productions