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Mr. Future
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On November 29, 2007, the good people at posed their first-ever challenge to write, shoot and edit a film no longer than 5 minutes in less than 100 hours. There had been 12hr, 24hr, and even 48hr competitions, but all city-based and never before worldwide.

Over 75 groups entered the contest internationally and received their theme and “surprise element” assignments at the same. The theme: “The Future.” Surprise Element: “Action – Turning off an alarm.”

What you see above is the fruit of our labor...

Directed, Written & Produced by: David Aslan, Ruthie Aslan, Rich Devletian, & Andrew Weeks - Starring: David Abramsky, Jaymie Gerard, Alex Dubin, Steve Said, Vernon Perrone

2007 FilmRacing Grand Prix Winner of the 2nd Runner Up Prize, Best Editing, and Best Actress in a Comedic Role

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